Privacy policy (hereafter the company) aims to protect your personal data and create the right technology to offer the best and safer access to its services. If you use the website, you are automatically accepting this contract.

The Company reserves the right to change the terms of collection, use and protection of personal data at any time and without notice, and therefore encourages you to periodically read this statement.

Web search engine

Huli's search engine gets data in real time from hundreds of sources in order to display instant answers and search results. Huli does not collect any personal data, does not store your IP and it and does not record your search queries. Searching in Huli is completely anonymous. We obtain our search results via Google Custom Search.

By default Huli displays not personalised ads. You can change this setting at any time from settings page of the search engine.

Anonymous localized results

Sometimes you might need need accurate location-based results like local weather. We do serve localized instant answers while still keeping you completely anonymous.

To do so, we approximate location information using a GEO::IP lookup. This process does not expose any personally identifiable information like IP addresses to third parties, and in accordance with our privacy policy, Huli does not store the IP address once it’s been used to approximate your location. In fact, since the IP address is automatically sent to us via your browser request, this process does not need to request any additional information than what you are already sending.

Collection and use of personal data

The company can collect user-identifying information such as e-mail address and/or full name and/or full IP address. These fields are used to identify the user in the services where the company requests certification of data or to provide more specialized services.

The full IP address is stored only in the following cases:
  1. When the user registers in our services and/or accepts a new version of the privacy policy or terms of use and/or gives its consent to sending newsletters or notifications.
  2. When there are automated search requests (robots) that rapidly submit more queries to our servers than any normal human would.
The company will keep this data for as long as the user's account is active.

An account is created either through the appropriate form or through a social networking service: Facebook, Twitter, Google. Company data from social networks is the name of the user, his/her identification details (identifying Id, username or email) and the link to his profile photo.

The Company undertakes not to sell, rent or otherwise publish to any third party personal data of its users, unless they process data on behalf of the company.

The company may exceptionally disclose personal data in the following cases:
  • It has the express consent of users for any public disclosure.
  • Disclosure is made to third natural or legal persons with whom the company cooperates and only to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of the service (For example if the user requests contacting a real estate broker).
  • If required by law, court order or requested by any other state or regulatory authority.

Personal data protection policies applied by third party natural or legal persons are not controlled by the company and the company is in no way responsible for the use of personal data after disclosure.

The company will send news letters or alerts to the posted email only if the user has given his / her consent through the "Notifications" section of his account. Revocation of the consent statement given can be made at any time.

Your company urges you to set your preferences about which companies can collect and use personal information to provide behavioral advertising. Digital Advertising Alliance and European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

Non-Identifying Information Collection

The company can also collect information that are non-identifying for the user such as: the browser type, the hours the user logs in, and the unique session id of the browser. This information is collected by the company for better system operation as well as for statistical purposes.

The company may also store a part of the IP address for technical, statistical or security reasons. This information is non-identifying for the user. For example, the IP address 12.345.67.899 will be stored up to 12,345.67.0

The company collects information about which pages have the most traffic in order to be able to optimize its services to users.

Correction - Deletion of personal data

The company allows users to delete, correct or update their personal data and / or delete the account through their account page. The deletion process is completed from 7 to 30 days from the date of filing the application.

Using cookies

The company uses cookies for better and faster performance of some of its services. Cookies are small text files that are stored on each member's hard disk and do not have in any way access to any document or file from their computer. If you have opted to disable them, you will not be able to enjoy all the services provided by the site.

The company uses Google services to record traffic statistics as well as to display targeted ads. These services can create their own cookies that are governed by Google's privacy policy.

Third Party Services

Below is a list of all the tools the company uses, as well as links to information about managing your data from these services.
  • Google - Google Analytics Privacy Policy
    • Analytics - Service for managing statistics. (We use technology of IP anonymization)
    • Adsense - Service to show ads on
    • Maps - Map viewer service.
  • Disqus - Use as a comment form. Your personal data can only be deleted through the Disqus service. Disqus Privacy Policy
  • AddThis - It is used to share content over social networks.. AddThis Privacy Policy

Links to other sites and ads.

The company includes links and ads to other sites that are not controlled by itself but by third parties. The company is in no way responsible for the privacy policy or terms of use of these entities.